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JUNE 2020 

Doxa Rodeo brings you the ultimate in rodeo competition.  More than 50 separate events. Events for the pros and for the beginners. Events that are as old as rodeo itself and events designed specifically to bring the family together.  Enjoy events going on simultaneously throughout the day with live music nightly.  Food, fellowship, family fun, camping and money for the taking.  Bring your family, your horse and your grill.  We'll be waiting for you.  You asked, we listened.  Doxa has been moved to JUNE for our return in 2020!  Official dates TBA.


winter creek farms /alex ok 73002





what Is Doxa?

Doxa is something beyond anything in this world.  Doxa is not about the buckle or the money or the title.  Doxa is so much bigger than anything in this world.  Isaiah 40:5.  For him.  for his glory.  for the family.  for the fun.  for the fellowship.  for competition.  for truth.  for the best.  for dreams.  for the beginner and the pro.  doxa is something that goes beyond the 'event'.  something you do not want to miss.


Doxa is an event for the family.  A place where friends and family can gather around their campsite in the evening and enjoy fellowship with one another.  Doxa is an event that strives to bring people together not only for the love of the sport but for the greater good.  Nothing is possible without the Lord and Doxa is an opportunity to collectively enjoy and give thanks for these things that we so cherish in our lives. Our freedom, our loved ones, our partners, this lifestyle.  Doxa is a competition that invites everyone to take part in it.  There really is something for everyone.  Amateur and Pro.  Spectator and Competitor. Everyone has a place at Doxa.  So we ask you to join us for this one of a kind gathering.  Great food, great music, great competition, and great friends all promise for a great time!

Proud to be working with:

Pete Oen
Evan Allard
Cord McCoy
More to come!

Hart trailer
oklahoma horses
baker equine promotions
firebrand 405 photography
Winter creek farms


1) Where can I get tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at the gate or online->

2) Do contestants have to buy a day pass?

Contestants DO NOT have to buy a day pass.  If you are a contestant you will get a day pass for that day upon checking in at the office.  If you are competing more than one day you will get a pass for each day you are competing.

3) Do contestants that are minors get a 'buddy pass' for a guardian?

Yes.  Minors will receive ONE guardian pass for each day they are entered.

4) I'm a futurity trainer and I'm bringing help with me.  Will my help receive a day pass?

YES.  Each futurity rider will get ONE help pass.

5) What if my wrist band breaks?  Will you replace it?

Yes.  You must bring broken wrist band to the office to be replaced.  We will not honor any wrist bands that are taped, stapled, glued together.

6) What does my day pass give me access to?

7) What does my week pass give me access to?
EVERYTHING going on, all week long.

8) Will you refund my pass if I need to leave early or do not wish to stay?
No. All sales are final.

9) Can my pass be transferred to someone else.


All WEEK ADULT Pass: $45 
ALL WEEK CHILD (12 and under) PASS: $25

day pass adult: $15.00
DAY 12 & under PASS: $8.00
Day Pass 5 & Under: FREE



40' Camping sites with water: $125

Camp Sites

Camping & Lodging

40' Camping sites Without water: $55

Tent Camping: $25

Partnering Hotels

We have camp sites available for every camper!  All RV/Trailer camping spots are 40' to allow for panels for keeping horses.  Some of these spots have water while others do not.  Camping rates reflect this.  You must supply your own electricity.  There will not be any generators on site for rent.  We also have camp grounds designated for TENT camping.  There will be no panels or horses allowed in this area but stalls may be rented.  All Camping & Stall rates are for the entire week.  So bring your loved ones, your grill and your ponies and come and fellowship with us at DOXA!
We have also partnered with local hotels if you wish to book a room at a discounted rate.

Reserve Below


Weekly Rental tba)


Doxa is spread out over 400 acres of farmland.  While most activities are rather close together there can be some distance from campsite to campsite and from one arena to the next depending on the events that you wish to attend.  With so much going on at one time most spend the whole day traveling from event to event.  While many ride horses, there are still many who prefer a different way of travel.  For those of you who are interested in renting alternative transportation during your stay at DOXA Rodeo, we have teamed up with Forewheeler Golf Cars out of OKC, OK.  You may reserve your very own personal car by contacting them and it will be delivered and ready for you by the time you arrive at Doxa.

there are no day rentals.
all rentals are for the week.


Natural Equine Supplements for Horsemen that like to win!

$500 Added!!

calf roping

team roping

pasture roping





Ranch Bronc

bronc riding


lj jenkins pro tour



Bull fighting

Running With The Bulls

cody custer youth bull riding

Doxa Yearling Bucking Bull Futurity

run with the bulls in 2020!

run with the bulls!

$60 eNTRY fEE
Must be 18 years of age or older

t-shirt guaranteed with all pre-entries

mail in entry form

ranch rodeo


Team Entry

individual entry

Teams of 4 will compete for top honors in some of the most raw and unfiltered events in rodeo.  Each team must send in a 'TEAM ENTRY' and each member of the team must send in the 'INDIVIDUAL ENTRY'.  Failure to do so will result in being disqualified.  




Doxa is a place for all ages and all levels of competition.  We have worked really hard with some of the best produceers in the nation to put together a nice set of events that are exclusively for our youngest competitors.  Events listed on this page are those exlusive youth events.  Please note that this does not meant that youth can ONLY participate in the events listed on this page.  It just means that you will not see any adults competing in the events listed on this page.  Youth competitors are still eligible to compete in several other events, including the 250 Yard 4D Dash.  Please check those out as well!




Pete Oen is one of the very best in the business.  He wears many hats.  He is not only an incredibly talented rider, trainer and teacher but he is also an amazing individual who is a class act through and through.  Pete puts everything that he has into his training program and the results speak for themselves.  We are so excited to have him on board to partner with us to bring you a really amazing event with several races to choose from!  Pete brings a ton of insight and experience to the table and we are using his knowledge to give you the best barrel racing experience that we can!

lead to success.."

"Hardwork, undying determination with an open mind can

pete oen

pete on social media


Does this guy really need an introduction?  If you are from the rodeo world, his face is all too familiar.  Professional bull & saddle bronc rider & National Finals Rodeo qualifier. Cord has been on the rodeo road since the age of five, entering his first rodeo in 1985.  Cord has since competed with the best and won time and time again.  This past February he was inducted into the Southwestern Oklahoma State University Athletics Hall of Fame.  Cord is a true cowboy from head to toe.   If his resume isn't enough than perhaps you recognize him from The Amazing Race 16 where he and his brother Jet McCoy finished second!  What better a cowboy to bring you a Ranch Rodeo that will have you hanging on for dear life?  Our thoughts exactly!  Get entered up, you don't want to miss this!

bringing you The Craziest Ranch Rodeo you've ever seen

Cord McCoy

Cord McCoy's
extreme Ranch Rodeo

If you were at Doxa last year you know that the Bullfighting Competition brought to you by Evan Allard was in a class all its own!  Veteran Rodeo fans along with first timers enjoyed the excitement from the edge of their seats!  
This year is even better!  Why?  Because you said you wanted more and that is just what we've done.  We are bringing you MORE.  
Man against beast fighting for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!  Be sure to stick around on Sunday night to see who will be crowned the next World Champion Bullfighter during the all new HIGHLIGHT REEL!

brings you amazing BULL FIGHTING competition!!

Evan Allard



OfficiaL 2018 Doxa Tee

Doxa Apparel

$21.00 S-M-L    $25.00  XL - XXL - XXXL 

   Free Shipping & Handling for pre-orders.  

OfficiaL 2018 Doxa TANK

$28.00 S-M-L   $32.00  XL

   Free Shipping & Handling for pre-orders.  

Sponsors & Vendors

Hart is family owned and operated business that has been leading the trailer industry in quality custom trailer design & production for more than 48 years.  We are very happy to have them on board as our premier sponsor for the THIRD annual doxa rodeo.

Premiere Sponsor

We all know that without amazing sponsors we would never be able to pull of an event so amazing.  make sure you stop in and say hello to our sponsors and thank them for making DOXA a reality.  These are the folks that help make sure you have a great time and plenty of awesome prizes to compete for.

2018 Doxa Rodeo brought to You in part by:

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